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Achieving amazing photographs is only the beginning of an elaborate process we go through at Dalton Gallery to deliver a wonderful finish product. We work with the best album companies to bring you a variety of album finishes and styles, from the classical leather album to a beautiful acrylic cover, a barn door album that displays your favorite images on the cover to the most intricate and sophisticated finishes. A variety of display boxes in wood, leather and acrylic is the ultimate way to display your photo albums, they’re “meant to be exposed” for everyone to enjoy!

Our Gallery albums bring the opportunity of having Dalton’s great quality in a less sophisticated finish that allows everyone to be able to afford our photographic quality, and fantastic customer service.

Our proofing albums are very important to us, first, because that is the first impression everyone sees of our products, also is the album our Quinceaneras will take to school to show their friends, so our Magazine proof album is a beautiful album with an amazing cover displaying our favorite images.

We offer many different finishes for your wall portraits, from traditional to metallic finishes, canvas, stand outs, acrylic and our most innovative finish, the metal mural, 12” x 12” squares of Stanley still imprinted with your favorite image, creating a unique wall display, that’s nothing short of a work of art.