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Wedding Photo’s from Beautiful San Juan | Miami Wedding Photographer

daltongallery-prod · February 01, 2017 · Blog · 1 comments
Julio Dalton Wedding photography miami

From Julio Dalton – Miami Wedding Photographer – Feb 1, 2017

Hi everyone, last weekend was an exciting one! We photographed the beautiful Miami wedding of John and Shirley Fields, on Friday at the Coral Gables Women’s Club, a beautiful couple from my church, the ceremony was romantic and very spiritual, a great time had by all! They were leaving for their honeymoon on Sunday morning to the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. To my surprise, I receive a call from the Groom at 10:45 pm, he asked me if I was available Monday and Tuesday, I thought they were going to recommend me to some of their family or friends from out of town for a family portrait session, but what John and Shirley wanted was for me to get on a plane Sunday afternoon and spend Monday doing their post bridal session in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It didn’t take much time for me to check my schedule and realize that I was available, and always ready and willing for some excitement I said that I would do it, it’s always challenging to go to new places to create new images, the session was a success, beautiful couple, gorgeous day! Some mutual friends were a bit concern about their decision to spend time out of their honeymoon with their photographer, but this is what the groom said “We have the rest of our life to be honeymooners, but only one opportunity to preserve this memory.

It is enlightening to see people that truly appreciate what we do, preserving our client’s precious memories is what makes me fall in love what I do over and over again, this are some of those amazing memories. To see more wedding photos, click here (click the View More button below to see more of this wedding in Puerto Rico).   – JD

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